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NAME: Christy

AGE: 21

Location: New Hampshire, USA

Favorite song: "Livin' On a Prayer"

Favorite music video: "I Believe" & "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

How I became a fan: I've been a fan since 2000, but it seems like I've been a fan forever. It started when I first heard "It's My Life." I had no idea who sang the song, but still I was completely obsessed with it. When I first saw the video for it, I saw Jon and that was it. I was hooked! I was like, "Where have these guys been all my life?"

Concerts: March 4th 2003: Boston, Massachusetts (Fleet Center)/July 22nd 2003: Foxboro, Massachusetts (Gillette Stadium)/December 9th 2005: Boston Massachusetts (Banknorth Garden, formerly the Fleet)