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This essay is an essay I wrote for school my senior year. (01-02) It was a persuasvie writing project. We had to pick our favorite cd and write an essay convincing other teenagers why they should spend their hard earned money on it. Well, I of course, picked a Bon Jovi cd. To my surprise, I got a perfect score and the teacher even read it aloud to the class. When I was writing this everything just seemed to flow. I didn't even have to think about it. So, I thought I'd share it for everyone to read!

Think back to your last concert, remember how great the music was? If you are a fan of live music, then the CD I am about to tell you about is perfect for you, especially if you are a classic rock fan. The CD is called "One Wild Night Live 1985-2001" by the band Bon Jovi.

Now, a live album is a big deal, not just anyone can put one out. Performing live really shows now good you are. Recording in a studio can cover up mistakes to make it sound good, but to sound good live is beyond great, it's fantastic! This particular live CD stand alone, not only is it their first live album but it's truly one of their best. Any fan will tell you how Bon Jovi has outdone themselves with this record. It proves that Bon Jovi is still a great rock band after all these years.

A classic rock fan would definitely appreciate this album. Anyone who was a fan of 80s metal would without a doubt enjoy this. It takes you from 1985 with their first headlining tour to their most recent 2001 One Wild Night tour. This record has live recordings from all around the world, from Sweden to Tokyo to Germany to New York!

Whether or not you know of the band, I guarantee that you have heard of their songs or heard of one of their members. How can you not know of something from a band that has been making records for almost 20 years? I'm sure you've heard one of their hits suck as 1986's "Wanted Dead or Alive," 1994's "Always," or their most recent, 2000's "It's My Life." There is at least one song from each of the band's eight studio albums.

Another thing you may be thinking is "Why would a teenager like me want to buy this?" Well this is definitely who can attract fans of all ages, from 12 to 92. While sticking to a sound that is purely their own they can also relate to people of all ages. Practically every song on this record has a message. "Livin' On a Prayer" (my personal favorite) is the kind of song we need in times such as these. The title track, "One Wild Night 2001" is a song about letting loose, having fun, and forgetting about your troubles. You can not go wrong with the writing style of Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora. Their work is truly underrated and one of the best.

So from one teenager to another I urge you to buy a record that's different from all those out there today. Try something new, instead of 'what's in' because 'what's in' isn't always 'what's good.' Therefore this is nothing more I can tell you, just take a listen and you won't regret it.